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5 sequels I REALLY want

1) Mirrors Edge 2

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Halo 4: Worst ending ever !!!

How dare they!!! Since 2001 that blue lady has been cheifs only companion and now 343 has taken her away from you. They were supposed to be faithful to Halo, supposed to give the fans the best experience ever and now they have given them the biggest screw-you since a level 100 magikarp.


I cannot describe the amount of hatred for this ending. I may only be 15, but I have been following Halo and I have loved it. But now.....now 343 has royally flipped me off. Bungie took away Johnson, but now 343 has taken away the sexiest blue lady in all of entertainment.


If you are a Halo fan, you owe yourself to play this game. But you will also hate it whilst you play it.

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